University of Nottingham

UK’s first carbon neutral laboratory, housing The University of Nottingham’s Centre for Sustainable Chemistry.

Our work: A CDM contract to design, supply and install the glazed façade on the building with areas of timber cladding. The solution was to use the Raico Therm+ curtain wall system with a spruce laminated internal section and larch external cappings. The door and window elements were designed to utilise the Gutmann Mira Composite system. In addition there was unique requirement to incorporate a blast louvre into the curtain wall within the laboratories in case of an explosion, and this was incorporated into the curtain wall system without any loss of visual consistency. To further showcase our diversity, Pacegrade developed a detail to incorporate Photovoltaic Panels within the timber roof lights manufactured using the Raico Therm+ System.

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Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham


University of Nottingham


The Fairhursts Design Group

Year of Completion



RIBA East Midlands Award 2018

RIBA East Midlands Sustainability Award 2018